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Global Calibrated Nighttime light 1992-2013

We developed a temporally consistent NTL dataset using a stepwise approach to calibrate the NTL time series. Each step was designed to calibrate particular satellites (or years) with systematic over- or under-estimation. Our calibrated NTL observations show a temporally more consistent pattern of NTL time series, as well as a good agreement with socioeconomic data, such as GDP and electricity consumption.

Spatial Resolution: 1km; Temporal Resolution: Annual; Temporal Coverage: 1992-2013

  1. Li, X.; Zhou, Y. A Stepwise Calibration of Global DMSP/OLS Stable Nighttime Light Data (1992–2013). Remote Sens. 2017, 9, 637.
Global Urban Extent in 2000

We developed a global 1 km urban extent map for the year 2000 from the defense meteorological satellite program/operational linescan system nighttime stable-light data at the global level. This global product of urban areas provides a reliable estimate of global urban areas.

Spatial Resolution: 1km; Temporal resolution: Annual; Temporal Coverage: 2000

  1. Zhou, Y., SJ Smith, CD Elvidge, K Zhao, A Thomson, M Imhoff, 2014. A Cluster-based Method to Map Urban Area from DMSP/OLS Nightlights. Remote Sensing of Environment. 147, 173-185
  2. Zhou, Y., et al., A global map of urban extent from nightlights. Environmental Research Letters, 2015. 10(5): p. 054011.
Global Wind Energy Potential (Techinical, Economic, and Exploitable)

We develop a global map of onshore wind energy potentials (technical, economical, and exploitable) using reanalysis wind speed data (from 1980 to 2009), along with updated wind turbine technology performance, land suitability factors, cost assumptions, and explicit consideration of transmission distance in the calculation of transmission costs.

Spatial Resolution: 0.325 degree; Temporal resolution: 30-year Average; Temporal Coverage: 1980-2009

  1. Zhou, Y., et al., Evaluation of Global Onshore Wind Energy Potential and Generation Costs. Environmental Science and Technology, 2012. 46(14): p. 7857–7864.
  2. Zhou, Y. and S. Smith, Spatial and temporal patterns of global onshore wind speed distribution. Environmental Research Letters, 2013. 8(3): p. 034029.
Global Hydropower Potential (Gross, Techinical, Economic, and Exploitable)

We developed a map of global hydropower potential (gross, technical, economic, and exploitable) using runoff and stream flow data, along with turbine technology performance, cost assumptions, and consideration of protected areas.

Spatial Resolution: 0.5 degree; Temporal resolution: 30-year Average; Temporal Coverage: 1971-2000

  1. Zhou, Y., et al., A Comprehensive View of Global Potential for Hydro-generated Electricity. Energy & Environmental Science, 2015. 8(DOI: 10.1039/C5EE00888C): p. 2622-2633.